For Schools

Latest research shows that 1 in 4 parents still think schools check for nits and that 45% of parents want schools to take a more active role in dealing with head lice.

The 'Once a Week, Take a Peek' campaign educates parents on the need to check their children's hair regularly for lice as a normal part of their family's personal hygiene routine and then to take swift action should any be found.

Spread the Word.

We can fight the spread of head lice but we need to all work together. Although the campaign's emphasis is very much on parents taking responsibility and action there is still a real and valuable role for schools, childcare centres, nurseries, and indeed any organisation that works with children, to play in keeping head lice infestations to a minimum:

  • Helping to educate parents on the need to check regularly for lice
  • Guiding them to the 'Once a Week, Take a Peek' web site for full information on how to identify, manage and treat head lice effectively or to their local pharmacist for expert advice
  • Directing parents to where they can get more help if they are having difficulties in getting rid of lice
  • Informing them when an outbreak has been spotted in the school
Just Remember: Once a Week, Take a Peek!
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