Head Lice - Let's fight them together!

The treatment has been applied but there is one final step, it is time to repeat the checking process.

  • Check your child’s hair a couple of days after treatment to ensure that all the head lice have been killed
  • If the pack instructions specify that a second application is required, repeat the treatment for a second time seven days after the first to kill lice that may have hatched from the eggs during that time
  • Continue to check for head lice on a regular, weekly basis – ONCE A WEEK,TAKE A PEEK

What if they’re still there?

If you still find live lice after you finish the treatment either it’s failed or there has been a re-infestation. If the treatment failed you’ll usually find lice of all life stages but a re-infestation will usually consist of a few adult lice. You’ll need to treat again so make sure:

If you’re using a pesticide change to a different type of treatment You use a good quality comb if you’re using the ‘Bug Busting’ method

  • You read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly
  • You use enough treatment to cover the whole head and full length of hair
  • You leave the treatment on for long enough
  • You complete the treatment course

Should Your Child Stay Home?

If your children are checked for head lice on a weekly basis and treated straight away when live lice are found then they can attend school, child care and all other activities just as usual. But remind them to avoid head-to-head contact with other children until all the lice are gone. 

Nit Knowledge:

1 in 4 parents believe schools check for nits - WRONG

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